Discovering a New Lake

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I had the chance to go out for a ride this Satuday morning, so I thought I’d go exploring.

So, I hopped on the bike Discovery and headed out to a local lake I hadn’t been to before: Lake Robinson. It was absolutely beautiful this morning.

There’s another picture below.



If You Don’t Like the Weather



Right as I was about to go for a ride today, the rain came. I was incredibly disappointed, but there’s a saying here in South Carolina:

“If you don’t like the weather, wait thirty minutes.”

And that’s what I did. I made some coffee and drank it and then went out for a ride. I ran into a little rain during the first mile, but the rain gave way to clearer skies after that.

One good thing that came from the storm was the picture I got because of it. Oh, and the chance to get a coffee.




Welcome to!

Many don’t understand why cyclists ride. Through pictures of what I see on my bike, I hope to be able to make it more clear to you why we have such passion for our two-wheeled vehicles. I hope you enjoy!